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Cycle Training for Adults

Women's Cycle to Health & Fitness Course

Irish Centre for Cycling are dedicated to getting Women out on their bikes. Our training course covers safety as well as fitness all the while building confidence on the road. This course started in late 2014 and received 5 star reviews from the women who participated. Why not read for yourself what our Women have said about this course click here. For more info on what the course involves or to book your spot click here. The course has been so successful we now have a 2nd location, so you can attend the course in both Malahide or Rathfarnham. Get Fit, Lose Weight, Build Confidence & Strength but most of all HAVE FUN.

Group Cycle Training Courses

Our training courses are designed to teach people to ride more efficiently, with reduced risk and increased confidence.  Whether you are a beginner; have recently returned to cycling; cycle to school or work; or already cycle regularly, we have courses that develop essential skills to make you a confident cyclist.  

Like any skill, there are specific techniques that will improve the way you can achieve results.  Our internationally accredited trainers will provide you with the expert training required for safe and confident cycling.

Our courses are split over 3 stages:

Stage 1 – is delivered in a safe traffic free environment.   It focuses on basic bike checks, suitable clothing, bike control, emergency stopping, avoiding obstacles in your cycle line, observation and signalling.

Stage 2 – takes place on-road where traffic volumes are normally low.  Now in control of your bike we take you to the road and instruct you on road positioning, safe cycle lines, sharing the road with other users, communication with other road users; and what to do at various junctions.

Stage 3 – training is based on busier roads and more complex situations. Learn to cycle in busy road situations; develop a strong and assertive cycling style that blends in with other road users; develop road awareness and risk management. Have the confidence to ride anywhere cycling is permitted.

On completion, each cyclist will know how to check their bike is roadworthy; how to control their bike; how to interact with other road users; understand the rules of the road pertaining to cyclists; and have practical experience of cycling in a variety of real environments.

There are no tests to pass.  Trainees will be observed throughout all stages of training to ensure correct skills are being developed.  Progress through the course content will be at the pace of each trainee.

If you would like to attend a course with a group of friends or perhaps you are an employer concerned about your employees on the road, give us a call, we would be delighted to chat with  you about the available options. Maybe we can design a bespoke bike training course for you.

One on one cycle training courses

All our training courses follow the above direction. One on one courses are available as well as courses for smaller groups. Contact us to discuss your training requirements – we promise you will be happy with our service and price!

Or if you have questions you can email us at 
Or give us a call on (+353) 1 816 8580

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