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Helping women to get out on the bike, more often & more confidently

 New dates have been added for this course visit Womens Cycle to Health & Fitness for more info 

What a fantastic first week of our brand new cycling course for women: Cycle to Health & FitnessWomens bike safety course cycle to health and fitness

Our goal for this course is to get more women on the road, more often & more confidently.

We started the course on Monday morning in the grounds of Malahide Castle. Each morning a new set of women started on the course.The course ran Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs mornings with a Wed evening course as well. This week the experienced & accredited trainers worked with the women on their balance & bike control, all the while getting used to the feel of the bike again & working the gears. The course is running for 8 weeks with a different module each week, with the women gaining experience & confidence as the weeks go by. Each Saturday morning there is an optional free social cycle where all the women can meet up at Malahide Castle & take a bike out for a spin, this cycle will get longer each week as confidence grows.

Week two will see the Women working on their safety, signals & observation. 

"This course is directed at women who know how to cycle but might be nervous or unsure of themselves on the road. It is all about building their confidence in a safe & secure enviornment. All the while building on their fitness."

Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit both physically & mentally. The busy life that most women lead, families, jobs etc leaving no time for themselves there are huge advantages to be gained by getting out on the bike for an hour.

We got this great feedback from one of the happy participants of the course:

"Having booked the course on a whim, the closer we got to the starting date, the more nervous I got. Not only was I unfit, but it's also been years since I've actually been on a bike! I was therefore pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed every minute of the 90 minutes class. The trainers are excellent and immediately set me at ease, and turned a learning experience into a fun way to learn bike safety and get fit. Even after the first lesson, it became clear that this would be the (one and only!) form of exercise that I actually enjoy! For me, the main purpose of this class is to be more confident on the road, as I'd like to start doing the school run by bike. Liking it so much that I'm excited to join the (free and) social weekend cycle, was a welcome surprise. I look forward to the rest of the course, and have already talked my husband into hiring bikes for an easy family ride one weekend. Thanks again for everything, Salome"

There is still time to catch up with this course you can find more info online or by calling 01 8168580

We will also have more course dates coming soon - so pop us an email at if you would like to be kept informed of up coming courses.

The Irish Centre for Cycling is based in Malahide Castle, beside Avoca. Running cycle training, cycle tours & cycle rentals the new company is growing in popularity everyday. Renting a bike is a great way to spend a day with the kids, you find more info on their site




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