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Q: Do we need to make a reservation in advance? 

A: We strongly recommend pre booking, particularly during busy season so we can have the bike most suited to you ready on your arrival. Please contact us ASAP to reserve your place.


Q: If we have our own bikes can we pay and get your shuttle service?
A: Unfortunately, we would be in breach of the taxi regulations if we were to accept reward in return for transport. So we are unable offer this service.

Q: I have not been on a bike since I was a child so I am a littel nervous at the prospect... 
A: You have heard the expression “it’s like riding a bike, ye never forget” – well it’s true , besides we have lots of practice space here at Malahide Castle where one of our team will be delighted to make sure your comfortable before heading out on the road.


Q: What is included with the Bike Hire?

A: Bike hire includes the bikes aswell as whatever safety equipment you may require; helmets, locks, lights etc..


Q: I have been trying to call your office and your lines are very busy.

A: In peak season our team receive hundreds of calls each day, so if you're experiencing delays please send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP, or if you wish to reserve a bike please click on our book now button.


Q: Do you offer child seats on the back of the bikes?
A: For your child’s safety we do not offer child seats, but we do offer toddler trailers which we find to be a safer option as a five point safety belt is standard and if the adult bike were to topple over the trailer stays upright and undamaged. Children’s feet can also get into the spokes of the bike when sitting on the back of the bike, and for your child’s safety we do not offer these products.

Q: I reserved bikes on line but did not receive a confirmation?
A: All on-line reservations receive a confirmation by email. Please contact our office on +353(01) 8168580 if you do not receive your booking confirmation.


Q: What size bike would you recommend for my child?
A: It is hard to accurately judge by a child’s age which bike is best but the following is a rough guide.


Childs Age

Suggested Bike Size

 9 months -> 5 Years

 Toddler Trailer

 5 years -> 7 Years

 Tag Along Bike

 7 years -> 10 Years

 20” Child’s Bike

 10 Years -> 12 Years

 24” Child’s Bike



Q: What are your opening times? And do you close for the winter? 
A: We are open daily from 09:00h – 17:00h year round and only close on Christmas and St. Stephen’s day. Winter cycling is becoming very popular, so please be sure to book in advance even in the winter.


If any of these questions don't cover your query please email us on 
Or give us a call on (+353) 1 816 8580

If you have a bike out on a rental & you have an out of hours emergency you can call us on 087 3821376 

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